"The Purple Dress" gallery from Infernal Restraints

About this gallery: The short purple dress that Josi Valentine is wearing looks like it may be uncomfortable underneath all of her bondage. The chains that hold her in place make her outfit bunch up in the most unseemly way. The only solution, of course, it to strip it off. It doesn't take much to see how excited that makes her. Her panties come down and her pussy is instantly wet. It is a good thing, too, because whether she is ready or not, PD is going to be using her holes.

The 2nd part of our double feature stars Katharine Cane and Cyd Black. She has been hanging around with him all day but he hasn't gotten bored with her yet. He has set up a chain to keep her in place but rather than secure it to her limbs it is holding a dildo in place in her ass. It's just as effective but far more insidious. She can move all she wants but every little shift is going to make her much more uncomfortable. And it isn't in Cyd's nature to just leave her alone.
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