"The Gods Approve" gallery from Infernal Restraints

About this gallery: As far as Harley Ace is concerned there are only two things in life, the waiting and the suffering. She's beautiful. Her life should be filled with parties and boys. Instead it's filled with anticipation, anxiety, and agony. Her perky tits that she thought would bring men to their knees are just targets on her chest where PD knows she is most sensitive. Her tight pussy is a tool for his pleasure instead of hers. And there is nothing she can do about it.

For hours a day she is left in bondage. She is hogtied on the floor, shackled in the basement, chained in the barn, left to wonder what is coming when PD arrives. It's never comfortable and it is always long. Her body aches from the strenuous positions and it is as happy as she will ever be, left alone with her thoughts.

As soon as PD comes in things are different. The rough bondage is just to soften her up so she is more fun to play with. He says he doesn't like to see her cry, but that doesn't stop him from making tears pour down her face. Harley's exposed and bound, completely helpless when the games begin. He wants her to learn to enjoy what is happening to her. And she better do it fast because this is her life now, a new, beautiful, little bondage doll in his collection.
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