"Slut on Display" gallery from Device Bondage

About this gallery: She appears in all Latex, head to toe. She is tall, lean and exotic, so she is displayed on a lit examination table. Her pussy is assaulted with three Hitachis and vibed until she cannot take any more. Her nipples are the next target with clamps applied and the Wartenberg wheel tormenting her already sensitive nipples. Extreme bastinado on her very sesitive soles fills the room with screams.

Next she is bound by leather in our dentist chair. Meticulously, pegs are added to her soft skin, all which have their own line. This means they all will come off at once, rather than like a zipper, but not before she is tormented with electricity. Her mouth is held open with dental wedges, which allows us to see into her mouth while keeping it spread wide.

The day comes to a close and we have her ass on display. She is held in place by a custom steel device that keeps her pretty little face up so that we can enjoy her screams and expressions of suffering. Again her body is tormented, and then an ass hook is shoved in her tight ass and tied to her head.
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