"Josi‘s Hand Cans" gallery from Infernal Restraints

About this gallery: Josi Valentine says she believes that it is only natural to want to be dominated. To her that is the way a man and woman should get along, with one of them serving the other. I can't really argue with that. The best place for her is in bondage, submitting to my will.

I stood her up in the middle of the room to get a better look at her. The hood keeping her blinded is a new Insect Hood that I had picked up from The Stockroom. She's wearing a skirt and blouse, too, but those were her own and they would have to go soon. It is too hot to keep it covered up for long and if I had to decide between seeing her face or her body the choice was obvious. I strip her down to her panties at first, then I take those off and use them to gag her. I am going to need to keep her quiet for what I have planned next. I want her immobilized, too, and I have the perfect new device for that. I call them 'hand cans' and they are a solid way to keep her firmly in place.

Dozens of clothes pins adorn her beautiful body. Normally I would pull them off myself but today I have a better idea. I've attached the line of them to a small motor. When she puts her foot down on a button the motor will wind up the line and pull the clothes pins off, ever so slowly. While she does that I take my position and whip her ass. It won't be her last predicament of the day.
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