"Claire Adams vs Bailey Blue" gallery from Device Bondage

About this gallery: Nice and beautiful, but very shy Bailey Blue has agreed to a day with Claire Adams on Device Bondage. Impressed by her interest in pain and natural flexibility her day is centered around both. A recipe for the perfect storm in favor of Claire.

Bailey starts moderately laced in a tight fitting latex corset, high ballet boots, and high reaching posture collar. Her ankles are trapped open, making it impossible to close her legs, but everything looks much too loose. With Claire's boot on Bailey's ass, the Domme pull the laces of her corset closed and adjust the turnbuckle on her posture collar from tolerable to unreasonable. Bailey's hair is then bound to a thick metal hook inserted into her ass. Her hands are pried open with pieces of metal, finger by finger. Everything is exposed and she is helpless to the torment that awaits...
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