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"Cangue" gallery from Infernal Restraints

"Cangue" gallery from Infernal Restraints

About this gallery: That block of wood around Maggie Mead's neck has a special name and an interesting history. It is called a cangue. Prisoners in some cultures would be forced to wear one as a public display of the shame their crimes had brought them. It is heavy, unyielding and unwieldy. Even the act of feeding herself is impossible for as long as it is attached.

What it doesn't do, though, is just as important. It does not, for instance, inhibit her tormentor in any way. PD has unfettered access to her body. He can put castration bands around her nipples and tie them to the cangue. He can cane her tits and ass freely. He can even attach her knees to the corners of the device, keeping them spread apart so that she cannot protect her pussy.
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