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"Basket of Flesh" gallery from Infernal Restraints

"Basket of Flesh" gallery from Infernal Restraints

About this gallery: One thing strikes fear into the heart of Rain DeGrey like nothing else. Electricity. In bondage. It triggers a primal fear in her, one that instantly has her kicking and screaming, begging for mercy.

The first time Rain DeGrey is hung up in a net, over a bed of spikes, and Master use his big, red poker to to get her going. This filthy anal slut begs for a huge rubber cock in her ass, rather than face a few good shocks.

Rain may have bargained herself away from that tool but there was no way an intruder was letting her through the day without feeling some jolts. And Master ran the current to her nipples and lit her up til he could hear her screams through the gag.

And for her last trick he've got her laying back in her seat, giant tits exposed to the whip and a few dabs of his special mystery cream applied directly to her clit. The single tail gets a few little peeps out of her, but it is the sadistic serum that really has her howling.
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